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Professional Everlast Boxing Ring 22'X 22', 3 sets of stairs, much more. Contact ron@resnickproductions.com

About Site Agent

MakeaFight created the site agent to be a direct contact with Promoters and Matchmakers that choose not to administer proposals on MakeaFight.

The Site Agent* when listed as the Matchmaker of an event will administer the event on MakeaFight and submit all proposals to the Event Promoter, Matchmaker or Coordinator. The Site Agent will in no way act as the Matchmakers for the event he will only be responsible for notifying the event coordinator when possible of all proposals submitted on MakeaFight.

Site Agent will document the date, time and contact person of all proposals that have been submitted to event coordinator.

Site Agent will notify each event coordinator that they can access these fight proposals them self on MakeaFight.

Site Agent will in no way discriminate, favor, comment or hold back any proposals submitted on MakeaFight they will all be treated equally and in chronological order.

Site Agent will only submit proposals that have been submitted on MakeaFight (Click Propose Fighter on Event page to submit). Site Agent will not accept email or phone requests as a formal proposal.

Site Agent will not act as a fight agent out side the capacity of MakeaFight or in any way create a conflict of interest to the obligation of Site Agent for MakeaFight.

Site Agent will not take any revenue from proposed fighter or person proposing fighter in any way.

Event Promoter will sign an agreement to pay MakeaFight a professional fee of 10% of the proposed fighters purse upon completion of the bout arranged by Site Agent.

Site Agent will notify event coordinator of any additional agent fees requested by the person submitting the proposal. MakeaFight and the Site Agent will be in no way responsible and not warranty these fees.

Any one wishing to become a Site Agent in your region Please contact admin@makeafight.com.